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How to Elope in Hawaii and A Look at Our Hawaii Elopement Packages

January 26, 2023

Looking to plan your elopement in Hawaii? look to this blog for tips on eloping in Hawaii and a look at our Hawaii elopement packages.

How to Elope in Hawaii and A Look at Our Hawaii Elopement Packages
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If you haven’t taken note of this already, elopements are our jam! The couples that choose to spend their wedding day their way are our kind of people. This is why we’ve put together this blog that will go over all of our top tips for eloping in Hawaii, and that will give you a rundown on our Hawaii elopement packages!

With endless beaches, mountainous lookouts over blue waters, and heavenly tropical experiences, you really cannot go wrong with eloping in Hawaii.  After being a part of so many amazing weddings and elopements in Hawaii, I have gathered a lot of information and tips on how to best elope in Hawaii and have created our Hawaii Elopement Packages to reflect this information.  But to start, here are some of my top tips on how to elope in Hawaii.

A bride stands in a silk dress with a tropical flower crown on with her groom on the beach after their elopement on Kauai.

What You Need to Know About Eloping in Hawaii

Hawaii is a cluster of islands in the Pacific Ocean known for their tropical climates.  Made up of 6 major islands, the Big Island, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, and Maui, Hawaii has so many unique and beautiful locations perfect for your elopement.   Each island has its own personality and so much to love about each of them. When putting together our Hawaii elopement packages, we customize them to the island you choose, how much coverage you will need, and a number of other add-ons that we will go over later in this blog!

When to Have Your Elopement in Hawaii

As you plan your Hawaii elopement, you’re going to have to decide what your priorities are when planning your day.  Hawaii is known for its tropical climate, and for the most part beautiful weather.  The best time to visit Hawaii in terms of weather would be in the summer months, or April through September.  Though the weather is great during these months, the downside is that they are also some of the busiest months for the islands.  So yes, you will have more consistency in terms of beautiful weather, and the islands will be significantly busier as well.

The rest of the months of the year, though there are more rainy days, the temperatures are still high, and there are typically significantly fewer tourists.  This means more affordable flights and stays, and fewer encounters with tourists on hikes and in other popular locations.  Another great thing about the Hawaiian islands though is that the storms can often be more focused and isolated.  So one half of the island might wake up with rain, while a couple of miles away they might have a bright morning filled with sunshine!  

One of the best parts about booking us as your Hawaii elopement photographer and videographer for your day though is that you will have me to guide you through some of these decisions as you plan out your elopement.  Regardless of the season you chose though, you’re bound to have an amazing time at your Hawaiian elopement.

How to Legally Elope in Hawaii

When it comes to eloping in Hawaii, the state itself keeps things fairly simple.  To elope in Hawaii you will need a form of identification, $65 to pay for your marriage license, and an officiant, or a performer as we call them on the islands to conduct your ceremony for you.  You do not need a witness to get married in Hawaii, so getting married really couldn’t be easier!  I am also ordained in the state of Hawaii and can do the paperwork side of things if you and your lover do want to elope just the two of you.  

I work with each of my couples throughout the planning process regardless of their Hawaii elopement package help you find the vendors, and officiants you need so that your elopement goes off without a hitch!

For more information on what you need to elope in Hawaii, check out the marriage laws and more information here.

A couple stands holding hands in prayer during their wedding ceremony on a cliff in Hawaii.  The groom is in a pink suit and the bride wears a simple white dress
A couple stands kissing, the groom in pink and the bride in a wedding dress with a veil on a cliff in Hawaii overlooking the ocean.

Where to Have Your Elopement in Hawaii

When it comes to choosing a location for your elopement in Hawaii, you really cannot go wrong.  I encourage each of my couples to sit down with one another and think through what kind of experience they hope to have on their elopement day.  Do you want to spend the day snuggling on the beach with your lover, and ending your day with a ceremony and celebratory pizza?  YES, I am obsessed.  Or, are you and boo more on the adventurous side?  Maybe you want to hike to get married surrounded by your families and a beautiful view!

Once you decide what kind of experience you hope to have, we can begin to narrow down some epic locations for your elopement. Here are some of my favorite locations in Hawaii to elope.

Makapuu lookout, North Shore Oahu, Crouching Lion, Shipwreck beach, Lanikai Pillbox, Ko Olina Beach, Princeville, and the Kaneohe Sandbar, just to name a few! We also have a TON of spots we have scouted out that we keep just for our couples that I cannot wait to share with you!

There really are no wrong answers when it comes to choosing where to elope in Hawaii!

A newly married couple walks together holding hands on the Makapuu lookout in Hawaii.

Things To Do For Your Hawaii Elopement

One of the best parts about eloping is the flexibility that comes with an elopement day. You and your boo can create a day filled with all of your favorite things and experiences you’ve dreamed about as you began planning. Some of the coolest experiences I’ve seen couples incorporate into their Hawaii elopement include:

-Snorkeling in some of the most beautiful areas of Hawaii

-Hiking to an epic location

-Rent a Boat and sail around the island for sunset

-Have a Picnic With Your Friends and Family

A Look at Our Hawaii Elopement Packages

Why Us For Your Hawaii Elopement Photo and Video Team?

As a full-service elopement team based in Hawaii, we have an endless amount of experience and insight on how to put together an elopement day on these amazing islands. We have so much love for the land we live on, and we love helping our couples view the beauty of these islands from our point of view. We love curating an experience for each of our couples that allows you to come alive in front of our lens.

Our Elopement Planning Experience

When working with each of our couples, our highest priority is creating an experience that you will be able to look back on with love for the rest of your lives.  We want to craft and document an experience for you and your boo that allows you to relax, and be present with one another on the best day of your lives!  We’ll create an environment that allows you to slow down and connect with one another while also creating bursts of joy that draw out love and laughter and so many more emotions.  Here is a look at our process and how we create this experience in our Hawaii elopement packages.  

A couple recites their vows to one another on a beach in Hawaii with a circle of flowers on the ground around them.
A couple shares their first kiss with one another on a beach in Hawaii with a circle of flowers on the ground around them.

Getting To Know You

Whether you’ve been in front of a camera one hundred times, or your elopement day will be your first experience, I will be with you, guiding you and building a relationship with you from the second we meet to your final gallery delivery.  My team and I are committed to building a sincere relationship with you so that when your elopement day comes around, we are already best friends.

Experience Over Everything

To keep you present on your wedding day, we will work with you to iron out the details of your wedding day.  Having been a part of SO many amazing elopements I know everything one would need to know about planning an elopement on one of the Hawaiian Islands.  To document your elopement day in a way that feels true to you, we will create an experience that will allow you to be present with your boo and have the best time on this special day.

A Look at our Hawaii Elopement Packages

You and your boo chose to elope in Hawaii for a number of reasons.  We know that you value your time with one another and want to create an elopement experience and remember it exactly as it happened.  I am passionate about documenting your elopement in a way that radiates the love and passion you have for one another.  

Our Hawaii Elopement Packages

Our Hawaii elopement day photography coverage starts at $1,500 with Olson Productions and $2500 with myself.  My team is an extension of me and will give each of my clients the amazing experience I promise on our initial call.  As a team, we will guide you through the process from the initial call to when you receive your online gallery in the weeks following your wedding day!  Working with a team to document your wedding day will create not only a cohesive experience throughout the planning process but also a relaxed and fluid experience on your wedding day.

A picnic on the beach with vintage glass, a macrame table runner and a parasol with fringe to celebrate a newlywed couple.
A newlywed couple celebrates their marriage with a picnic on the beach in Hawaii with their family.

Full-Service Hawaii Elopement Packages

We offer full-service Hawaii elopement packages that our clients love and we love to be a part of.  The full-service elopements include cohesive photo and video documentation that will tell your story in a way that feels effortless and preserves the emotions you and your boo felt on the day of your elopement.  Along with photo and video, we also take care of all the other aspects of your elopement day.

Working as a team with so many amazing vendors that we have worked with in the past creates a homey and effortless experience for you and your boo.  Our full-service package includes bride and groom flowers, hair and makeup, champagne, and cake!  We also offer a number of add-ons that allow you to customize your deliverables and elopement day experiences such as an elopement day picnic for you and your loved ones.  To see what a full-service elopement day might look like with myself and Olson Productions, check out Nelson and Megan’s elopement here!

If you’re feeling SO excited about planning your Hawaii elopement and you’re ready for the next steps, head to my contact page so we can set up a call and start planning your day! For more information check out these pages about my team and me, elopement planning blogs, our videography services and so much more!

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