Hey, hey! I'm Mersadi - a wife, & momma to three! I constantly crave flavorful tacos, Whole Foods guac, ice cold water, & a good sweat sesh! Running is my sweat of choice, followed by hot vinyasa. 

My family is the roots that keep my business flourishing and keep my create juices pumping. Our years are filled with adventure - we spend all our free time seeing the world.  My days are filled with sunshine, mom duties, & our nights usually end on the tennis court or watching the sunset.

I, we really, love a good car jam session. The singing dancing, moving and groovin get the belly laughs going. I love LOVE, explore, learn, grow, and feel challenged.

Within this space you will find the pieces of my life that I have the courage to share. Everything is intentional and real. So feel free to browse around and stay awhile! 

aloha -hey friends!!

a little glimpse into our world

My way of doing things..

My whole objective is to tell YOUR story! From start to finish - including the details so when you look back you remember of the season of life you were in. Never been in front of a camera before? PERFECT! You're awkward? Or how about not really photogenic? GREAT!! I mean it when I say it - that is my job. I am not going to just show up with my camera and leave. I am going to get to know you, break down those walls that we so often put up. I want you to feel at ease - really just be your self! We are going to do lots of movement, I will walk you through prompts, help you laugh - the real kind. There will be no awkward posing. You're beautiful - I cant wait to create magic with you!!

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