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Hey, hey! I'm Mersadi: wife to a hunky husband, mama to three ridiculously cool littles, and your trusty photographer! I document love stories and life’s milestones -- big and small -- through images that are powerfully inspired by my Hawaiian home. So, whether you come to me or I come to you, I’m sure to bring that laid-back, fun-loving, tropical sensibility to any celebration! 
I picked up a camera for the first time when my first baby arrived. I took it everywhere with me to capture the moments of excitement and discovery as she learned about the world. Those are the pictures that I found myself returning to over and over -- the real moments of encounter. I found so much joy in documenting her and my other littles as our family grew that I eventually felt a need to share that same joy with others! And still, years later, I feel that same thrill of genuine delight at the opportunity to tell stories with cameras in hand. 

I’m forever craving flavorful tacos, that legendary Whole Foods guac, and a good run followed by hot vinyasa yoga. I love a good car jam session with my fam that gets us all singing, dancing, moving, grooving, and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. Because, truly, my adventurous little family is the beating heart that keeps my business flourishing and my creativity flowing. 

I can’t wait to get to know you. To learn about what makes your heart beat faster and your soul come alive! And I can’t wait to tell it all through beautiful, timeless photography you’ll treasure forever. 

aloha -hey friends!!

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Long story short, everything I do is about telling YOUR story through all the unique, breathtaking details that instantly transport you back in time.  

Never been in front of a camera before? Perfect! Feel uncomfortable in front of a camera? Don’t worry about it! From the moment we meet to the final gallery delivery, I am committed to building a sincere relationship with you that gives you the ability to come alive in front of my lens. And through movements and prompting, I’ll help you to feel safe and at ease. You know those awkward poses you’re dreading? You’ll get none of that from me! Together, we’ll draw out real bursts of laughter and slow down for earnest moments of connection. And through it all, I’ll be clicking my camera turning those memories into art. 

Whether you're a photographer or client, never miss an opportunity to save big + learn more about what going on!

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