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Why You Need a Wedding Videographer

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As you plan your wedding, there are priorities unique to each person. Some couples are all about throwing a big party and others want to elope on a cliffside and go on a sunset cruise. No matter what you choose, a big question always comes up: do we need a wedding videographer? The short answer is, “yes!” In today’s post, we’re going to break down why you need a wedding videographer to capture your day.

In recent years, wedding films have become more and more common, but are often still seen as an add-on rather than standard. As of 2018, 63% of couples hired a wedding videographer.

We get it, photography is a big investment already and some people feel like it’s enough to capture their day through still images. Trust us, we aren’t devaluing photography here! It’s so important and yet, we’d love to see more couples choose to have their love story told by both photography and videography.

This is why we are a husband and wife photo and video team offering services to Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States. We love telling stories together and giving couples an experience that’s all-inclusive. We are passionate about serving you and making sure your day is captured in a way that reflects your true self.

Why Wedding Videography is Important

A wedding film will capture your day in a way that feels true to life, but also more magical.

As you can see in our wedding films, these days look like they’re straight out of a movie. Yet this is a real, beautiful life moment for our couples! Having a way to relive such a special day in an elevated way is something you can never go back and redo. You only have this opportunity to capture your day in cinematic quality one time.

We aim to give you the memories you will picture in your mind for a lifetime. This will be something you show your kids and grandkids someday. It’ll be a way to relive your wedding over and over again.

Wedding films add depth and richness to your day.

There’s something about video that photography can’t capture. Yes, this is spoken as a photographer who believes deeply in the value of photographs! But when I see one of the films my husband creates for our clients, I’m blown away by the artistry and storytelling abilities.

We have a whole lot of fun creating these films as well! There’s a fun dynamic at play when you’re capturing movement and moments in such a raw way. The prompts we use to get you moving and comfortable in front of the camera are so fun to see play out on screen, not just in still photographs.

Working with a photo-video team will ensure a seamless telling of your story.

Yes, you can hire a separate photographer and videographer to document your wedding day. I’ve worked with many different videographers over the years! But there’s something really special about choosing a media team that knows how to work together to bring your vision to life.

We have years of experience being a team, both in the field and in our home. As a husband-wife team, we are bringing a unique passion for marriage to the table as well. We’re here to be your new best couple friends with who you can laugh, cry, and be freaking real. The dynamic feels more like a double date and less like a photo/video shoot. This helps you to relax and be yourself.

Wedding Videography is worth the investment.

If you are ready to book with a photo + video team who will walk you through every step of your wedding in Hawaii and beyond, contact us here! We are so excited to meet you and to tell your story in a way you’ll treasure for a lifetime!




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