Hawaii Beach Engagement Session. This blog gives tips on how to make the most of your Hawaii Engagement Session.


Tips to Make The Most of Your Hawaii Engagement Session

August 26, 2022

Maui, Hawaii Sunrise Beach Engagement Session. Sunrise is the best time of day for your Hawaii Beach Engagement Session because the colors are magic!

Tips to Make The Most of Your Hawaii Engagement Session
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Another week, another ALOHA FRIDAY! We are celebrating big this week because I am sharing about this rad freaking couple, and few tips on how YOU can make the most of your Hawaii engagement session! Audrey reached out to me for their upcoming wedding AND they were heading to Maui to check out wedding venues, plus enjoy a rad vacay with L’s fam! They also wanted to do an engagement session while they were in Hawaii! HAWAII, BEACH, ENGAGEMENT SESSION, do we need to say more?!!! YES PLEASE. Being a destination wedding photographer rarely gives me the opportunity to meet or hang with my couples before their big day. I could not let this opportunity pass me by!! I am so dang in love with this session I can not wait to break it down for you!

When you look at this gallery you can feel the love and fun! It’s palpable! One of the reasons for that is because A+L really made their session all about THEM! They let their personalities shine! SO how do you do that? 

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Hawaii Beach Engagement Session

We made it personal, the water snaps are some of my favs! I love playful dynamic movement! A + L both played water sports growing up and it was important to them to incorporate the water in their session! Bonus, it adds diversity to your gallery! 

How do you get shots with NO ONE in the background? SUNRISE! I love sunrise because no one is on the beaches! AND just in case you`re feeling a little camera shy, no one on the beach means no extra sets of eyes, you can just BE your silly selves! 

How did they get so much diversity in their gallery? A+L came prepared with two looks + two different vibes in mind! I love when my couples share inspo before their sessions so we can really deliver the dream session! Multiple outfits, props or ideas is a great way to get different shots into your gallery! We totally shifted gears from their killer dressy outfits, giving off those stunning wall hanger shots to swim suits that gave off a more playful + fun vibe! If you`re traveling it can be hard to bring props, but there are so many fun ways to mix up your session, we just have to lean in!! 

Wait, they got in the water at sunrise? I thought I’d need a sunset session for that? NO WAY! It`s Hawaii! Sunrise is the perfect time to make quick beach changes and splash around with NO ONE in your shots! If you`re really wanting water shots, I always recommend sunrise! Water shots at sunset are stunners, don`t get me wrong, BUT the best lighting is right, the sun goes down, AND  after the sun sets  it’s too dark to keep going. Since we end in the water that means your best light is in the water! At Sunrise your lighting is much more consistent making it way easier to match the light to your vibe! 

Other reasons I love a sunrise session: 

Lighting! When you book a session, I base your session time around the sun! Sunset sessions have a bit more limited light. If you hit traffic, or snag in your plans, our minutes of light fade quickly. With sunrise, there are less people on the roads, less causes for delay and we can usually push the session back a little without compromising the light.

Timing! When you book your Hawaii engagement session at sunrise, you get your session done and you’re off on your way to play for the day. If you book sunset, you’re cutting your day short to get back to the hotel to get ready and be somewhere at a specific time. 

Props! I love the morning props, let’s cheers with cute mugs or mimosas! Let’s have a donut picnic on the beach! Snuggle up close in a blanket! Sunrise gives you all those cozy more unique options for props!

Jitters! Maybe you are feeling a little nervous about being in front of the camera! Same sis! With sunrise you don’t get all day to think about it. You just wake up, dress up and jump right into having the best dang hour documenting your story!! 

Take a peek into the beyond beautiful Maui, Hawaii beach engagement session!

To plan and book your dream Hawaii Beach Engagement Session, or your Hawaii Wedding/Elopement send me a message HERE!! I cant wait to tell your story in the most beautiful place on earth!

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Mersadi Olson is a Hawaii couples and wedding photographer and videographer.

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