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Ko Olina Family Photographer | Cox Ohana


Ko Olina Family Photographer

The beauty of Ko Olina, one of the most stunning resorts in all of Hawaii, is unmatched! The pristine lagoons, local restaurants, and authentic Hawaii vibe attracts visitor from all over the world. And with the recent shutdowns to prevent the spread of COVID, it’s nearly empty. That was a huge score for this local family, because we had this amazing beach in Ko Olina all to ourselves for our sunset session! 

Family sessions are some of my favorites, especially when they include a beach and a stunning sunset! My approach when photographing families is far more relaxed than the “pose and smile” of some family session. When I photograph families, I choose to let the kids take the lead. They run the show, if they are really into what is in the tide pools, let follow them. Collecting flowers or shells? Great!  Then, once I have built up trust with the kiddos, we can wrangle in the troops for a handful of organized group shots. But for the most part, I like to let the kids be kids and focus my direction on the parents. 

Tips to Prepare

Are you preparing for a family session of your own? Here are a few of my go-to tips to help you prepare:

  • Mom and Dad, take a deep breath! Remember, you want photos showcasing your family as it truly is. Don’t stress about perfection!
  • Coordinate your outfits, but don’t match! Find a few colors, and don’t be afraid of colors that compliment the scene. Mix and match patterns and textures. And to make sure everything will look good together in the photos, lay everything out to make sure nothing looks out of place
  • Let your kids be kids! If you are shooting at the beach, expect that someone is going to get wet. It is part of it! And keep in mind that allowing children to be themselves almost always results in better photos. 

I can’t wait for Hawaii to open back up so we can begin booking loads more family sessions in Ko Olina! And if you’re interested in booking, I offer specials for anyone staying in the Ko Olina Resort, Disney Aulani, Four Seasons, The Marriott Ko Olina, and the Beach Villas!  

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