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4 tips on how to rock your next photoshoot


We have all been there, or maybe we are there. Likely you are there, or somewhere in the middle. HOW DO WE OWN OUR PHOTOSHOOT? Let me guess, you are awkward – right? You and your boo aren’t photogenic, you don’t know how to pose. Take a deep breath, I am breaking down my four secrets on HOW TO ROCK YOUR NEXT PHOTOSHOOT!!! 

The main objective is pictures you can FEEL, something that screams your love story. No two couples are the same, so it’s less about the pose and more about the story. 

  1. Movement + Energy = Emotion

Movement in photographs is ALWAYS going to grab your eye 9/10 times over standing still. You have to keep moving, think of each series of poses more like a movie than a picture. Move your hands, head, feet, body, make it a dance (HELL MAKE IT FUN!). Show emotion, really FEEL. When your husband wraps his arms around you so tight, do you shrug your shoulders and wrinkle your nose. Or how about when he whispers in your ear and it’s funny, LAUGH!! Your moments can be big, like running back and forth bumping hips like you are drunk or small and intimate like running hands through hair. Nobody wants to look like a stiff board, and you can and will avoid that if you keep moving!! 

       2) What do you wear?

Be comfortable, above all else. Now this doesn’t mean you should wear your favorite yoga pants and cozy shirt. What I mean is if you are not a dress type of gal – don’t feel like you have to wear a dress. A cute tee shirt and jeans is just as cute + like I mentioned above it is YOU. I personally don’t photoshop bodies – so if you have an area that you aren’t loving, still get the photos, just be mindful of that when choosing outfit(s). 

Color coordinate with your boo, no need to wear the same thing, but something that when you are side by side it looks good, because you are going to be doing a LOT of that!! 

Needing some inspiration? Come browse my Pinterest board for outfit ideas

        3)  PDA, YES!

PDA is my job, I repeat PDA is my job!! Touch, kiss, love. This is YOUR story. My favorite sessions are when the couple opens up, let their guard down, and is comfortable being themself. It will not make me uncomfortable – because I truly want to photograph you as you are, so if you love a good make out session, go for it. Maybe you’re more reserved, and you love a good forehead kiss. Whatever your story is, let me tell it. 

     4)  Play music!

I tell all my couples to send me their favorite playlist + bring a speaker so we can jam to the tunes. NO AWKWARD silence and I have found that music loosens us all up. It helps with movement, and fills the in between moments. It also gets you out of your thinking head and allows you to move into your feeling body. 

So there you have it! Four ways to rock your next photoshoot! This is great whether it’s a couples shoot, family, or anything between! All of these tips will keep your session moving and feeling light! Photograph this season, and every season of your life! TIME is something we won’t ever get back!

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, pop by say HELLO + let’s get the fun times rolling! Cheers + ALOHA!

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