Aloha, thanks for stopping by! 


Welcome to this space. I'm Mersadi - a wife, & momma to three littles who constantly craves flavorful tacos, Whole Foods guac and a good sweat sesh! Running is my sweat of choice, follow by hot vinyasa. 

We just moved from the amazing east coast, back to Oahu! It has been a dream of mine since leaving to make it back, and we finally did. 

My days are filled with lots of make believe, playing in the sand, running kids around, and vacuuming. On the best days it also includes my littles helping me make fresh cc cookies and family night at the tennis court.


I live for moments that bring goosebumps to my spine, the kind that make every hair stick up. Listening to my kids laugh, play with each other, or dance crazily is my favorite thing to date. Yoga pants are my go to - oh and a top knot ( because who really has time to get ready?).

Within this space you will find the pieces of my life that I have the courage to share. Everything is intentional and real. So feel free to browse around and stay awhile! 

The most powerful message, that I try to remember in everything that I do, is "How you do anything is how you do everything."  Go ahead and let that sit! Change your perspective and get out there and have a great day! He happy, be you.. cool?