Sunday in the City

Anytime we ask Oaklee what she wants to do, she either says she wants to eat at a restaurant (& Cheesecake Factory is her only choice), go to the gym (we've done that today already) or go to Philadelphia ("Philly"). Today, it was the first and only thing she wanted to do. There is only so much to do when its 95 degrees with two kids in the city. We sucked it up, sweat it out & rented bikes from Wheel Fun Rentals, on Boathouse Row. We peddled around the Schuylkill River on the surrey.

(side note) The only other time I have been on this type of bike was in Europe two years ago with my mom, nana, and two aunts. We laughed our ass off the ENTIRE time. Not quite the same company today -- but great company indeed.

I am biased, I know I am. But these are the cutest kids, and those helmets - too much.  Oaklee chanted for us to peddle faster, and Otis was silent taking it all in, and eventually fell to sleep. 

We grabbed drinks and ice-cream at Cosmic Cafe at Lloyd Hall afterwards. There were some rollerbladers dancing and putting on a show, we hung around and watched. Oaklee has decided she now wants rollerblades. She's trying to grow too fast!